Qualities of Nepalese Force

The quality of military personnel, particularly within the enlisted ranks was regarded by most observers as excellent. Nepalese troops are renowned for their toughness, stamina, adaptability to harsh climates and terrain, and willingness to obey orders.

Security Guards


The criteria for selection are:

  • Age Minimum 18, Maximum 25.
  • Previous experience
  • Minimum high school leavers
  • Minimum height of 5’2″ ft, well built
  • Preferably with a driving license
  • Pass our army entrance test
  • This test assesses an applicant’s ability for training by using computer touch screen question and answer techniques


Successful candidates having fulfilled all mentioned requirements are finally recruited.

Categories available for Abroad Recruitment

  • Ex- British Army
  • Ex-Indian Army
  • Nepal Police
  • Civil Security Guards